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Elevate your run, enjoy VIP perks, and give back to the community. Be more than a runner, be an Ambassador. Successful applicants for 2024 have been announced! Information on Atlas Collective 2025 will be found here September 2024.

The purpose of the Atlas Collective is to boost our brand, raise awareness and be an advocate for our events. We can’t think of anyone better to do this than you – our athletes who are at the heart of our events and our community.

We want to bring you into our team – let’s share the highs and lows, the pre-race nerves and the finish line moments.

We will hand select individuals who share our passion for our events and personify our positive energy and love for running and wellbeing – be you just starting out on your journey, a charity focused participant, or a seasoned participant.

Our ambassadors will be key to help us spread the love for our events and create a social buzz.

We’re happy to accept applications from all levels of athletes, so don’t worry – you don’t need to be crushing it on the podium. Our events are open to everyone, and our ambassador selection will reflect that. What we want to see is your passion and energy around running, swimming, triathlon, healthy lifestyles, and our events.

Applications for the 2024 Atlas Collective have now closed. Please refer to our social pages for the announcement of the Team for 2024.

Find out more about the Atlas Collective, who we are and how this collaboration could be a really good thing for everyone involved.
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Each year our events donate thousands of dollars to the following charities.
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